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Keep smoking and save money!

So you have to smoke…. Can you save money here?

Choices: Are you in a two-pack a day habit? Are you spending $300.00 a month on cigarettes? Is spending this money causing you to loose your car? Do you want to smoke and walk to work? Can you quit smoking and have the money to pay for your car so you can drive to work?

Cigarette options – If you have to smoke– roll your own!! You can buy tobacco by the pound bag, purchase a box of flavored filters, and roll cigarettes all day long to your hearts content. If you don’t like the flavor get another flavor. Try a different brand of tobacco.

You will probably spend $40.00 per month instead of $5.00 per day x 7 days x 4.3 weeks or $150.00 a month for a one pack a day smoker. “I have to smoke my Virginia Slims or my Camels.” When you smoke and cannot pay your mortgage payment or cannot pay your car payment, perhaps you have champagne taste with a beer pocketbook?

It is a lifestyle choice. You can make the choice to roll your own cigarettes, and smoke all you want to smoke for about $40.00 a month, after the small investment of a rolling machine. You can buy a cigarette rolling machine at the tobacco store for probably less than $100.00 for the machine. Then you can purchase the flavor of tobacco that you want and a box of filters with the taste of your choice!

Of course, you could save more money and medical bills later on of course by quitting.

My brother died of throat cancer a few years ago.