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Save money on your cable bill!!!


Are you spending $200.00 a month on cable, dish, satellite television, etc.? Shut down the cable beast forever! Take the plunge! If you are having a hard time paying your bills each month, and you have both cable and internet, seriously consider shutting off the cable and buying a Roku device or an internet ready television.


The Roku brings internet television to your television set through your internet. The Roku has channels you can subscribe to, a lot of them for free. If you buy an internet ready television you will not need a Roku but you can get one if you want to as it has a lot of nice features. You can order a Roku on line or purchase one from Best Buy or Radio Shack or Wal-Mart, etc. You can listen to the Roku channels with head phones. You can pause your television while watching movies with the Roku, which cable charges you extra for the privilege of doing. Roku is a one-time purchase and it has no monthly fees of its own. We have done this personally. We actually turned off Charter Cable after 20 years because of the new digital boxes that they wanted to charge you for. We had 6 kids each with their own television and we would have been paying over $50.00 a month just for the boxes and I put my foot down and said, “No more.”

HINT: Take a picture of your cable connections on the back of your television with you when you go to the store, as older televisions have to have an adaptor (maybe $25.00) to use the Roku with them. There are three types of Roku’s and we have bought each kind depending on the technology of the television we hooked it up to. Some older television’s we had to buy an adaptor for, newer television’s you do not. We have 101 channels on our Roku set up on our television.


You can get a lot of regular television channels out of the air waves. Purchase the best antennae you can afford. They sell antennae’s starting at $10.00 and up. We also bought several kinds of antennae’s and experimented taking back the ones that did not work. My son was a trooper. He would go to Radio Shack, buy an antennae for a television and if it did not work well enough, would take that antennae back and buy another one. Some of the antennae’s are flat. Some of them are built with wires. To begin with when I cut the cable off , out of desperation, he actually made antennae’s with a wire coat hanger, tin foil, and other stuff he found around the house for free and it worked! For what you are saving on cable you can buy a more expensive antennae and experiment with the angles for the best reception. At that time I was working on buying Roku’s one at a time. * Roku’s at 100.00 a pop is a hard lick if you are not anticipating it. If you cannot figure out how to hook this stuff up hire a geek. TIP. If you hire a geek write down step by step instructions in case of a power surge. It is simple enough I can do it, and I have trouble just using those complicated remotes. Of course, I have my son to call and say, Ryan, which button?


You can purchase Netflix for $7.99 a month, which allows two people to watch two different movies or episodes of different television series at the same time. Netflix has over 9000 movies. Entire series of many shows are available on Netflix. The neat thing about Netflix is each person can have their own profile and when you stop watching a show it stays put, right there, right where you stopped it when you turned the television back on to that channel. We pay $14.99 a month for the ability for four people to watch Netflix at the same time.

Amazon Prime

You can purchase Amazon Prime for $99.00 per year and add this as a channel to your Roku. For less than $20.00 a month you can now have all the television and movies you could watch in a lifetime. With Amazon Prime you get an additional bonus. You can order a lot of stuff off Amazon and you get free two-day shipping. They also have free picture storage. You also get thousands of free Kindle Titles you can borrow at the rate of one book per month.

With the Roku or the internet television a big bonus is that all the seasons for many series are prerecorded. You do not have to pay extra to start and stop television if you want to take a snack break, or talk on the phone. You do not have to pay extra money monthly for a machine to record the movies. You do not have to take the time to program a DVR, the movies and television shows are already recorded for you. You can see all the television and movies you can handle. Another bonus is that you can watch all the television you want to watch without advertising! Savings: $185.00 a month!!!