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Health Care tips to Help you Survive Financially

Health care

This is the link to find out who your legislator is by your zip code.
I urge you to email them your thoughts. You are the voters. They listen to us.

The health care system is broken. You need to push them to push a bill to regulate the health insurance companies. The insurance companies have figured out a way around paying for medical bills. They get you to an authorized facility and have unauthorized people treat you. Then the bills are subject to an incredible deductible for not using an authorized provider. People are blindsided with this. The unauthorized deductible is different than the authorized deductible even though you used an authorized provider. This has to be fixed before Americans are in worse shape after Obama Care because they all have to file bankruptcy because of these medical bills. The insurance I had before Obama Care didn’t have these crazy amounts you had to pay before insurance paid anything. It’s almost not worth having insurance because of the crazy deductibles. I agree with the concept of OBAMA Care but there are kinks that an amendment could fix easily. I.E. insurance companies will pay for all treatment rendered at the direction of an authorized provider at the authorized facility at the authorized rate; and this includes all services at an authorized hospital whether or not outsourced. Simple huh.

What they are doing is contracting with providers that aren’t authorized who are providing your care even though you go to an authorized facility. Then the insurance company says they aren’t authorized so you have to pay 100% of the treatment costs poor unsuspecting patient. It almost seems as though it’s a racket. Are the unauthorized facilities giving hospitals a kickback for using them instead of one that is authorized that isn’t paid as much.

This bill should apply to emergency rooms, hospital visits and physician visits. You often don’t have a choice of what physician treats you when you go to the emergency room. You don’t have a choice of where they send your x-rays to be read or who walks in to provide an assisted device or consult with you. Consumers do not know that they have to ask each person that walks in their room whether or not they are authorized. What about the unconscious person? I shudder to think……